MaRio (u_fucker) wrote,

I got a Kitty! And the No Doubt Singles Cd and the Switchfoot CD. Well, the kitten part happened yesterday when I had my friend drop me off from school and on the way into my building I saw lil cat and I was like... ::psssssss:: and it came to me and I picked it up and fed it milk and when ym mom came home she was like WTF is this cat doing here!?!?!? And she was flippin out, I eventually got her to let me keep it and she like bought a bunch of crap for it. ;D So yeah. And then Last week I ordered those 2 CD's from They were free so I figured why not? Just have to pay like $6 of shipping and handling. Last night my mom tricked me into going to a Bible Study but this time it wasn't as bad as the last cuz everyone was my age and shit. And the person who runs it is the person who like asked me to go and he hooks up cars and shit, he's got like 2 8.5 inch tvs in the back and a 10 inch that flips out from the radio. So cool. But yeah... I'm gonna record the songs on my computer and goto sleep cuz my brother smoked me out yesterday and we went fishing at like... 1 am. We caught like 2 catfishes and like 9 crabs, we cooked them cuz we had just finished smoking, why not, lolz.. and ate them. They were reallllly good... ;D But yeah... I got home @ 3am and almost got suspended for sleeping in IS (Internal Suspension).
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