MaRio (u_fucker) wrote,

Okay you guys.. This entire week I've caught myself beeing so dumbfounded most of the time. Mainly because of a certain someone who's been kind enough to share his compassion and friendship with me. He is so sweet to me and I've never been so much cared by anyone it feels like I have butterflies in my stomach 24/7. I never knew what it felt like but now I do and I really like it. I don't know what to do because if I like it too much I may become addicted, lol. And I'm not talking about sex for those of you with the dirty mind! heh. It's a pretty perplexed feeling and I think I know what it is. Just never thought I'd catch myself like this. Anyways, his name is George and he's spectacular. It's just such an exceptional feeling. lol.. but yeah.. I slept over his house the past 2 nights and both nights have been extraordinary.

But yeah, last night when we chilled over at his house Natalie and Christina both came with me. They both were so fucked up because they took some Vicodins before we went. I intentionally skipped that because I didn't want to be too fucked up when I'm with people I hardly know. Just to not make me look bad. lol.. I think I'm starting to actually open up to George or atleast I'm going to try to. heh. But yeah.. I must be leaving now. so I'll try to update this more frequently.. buh bye pplz
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